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Here’s How To Use ChatGPT and a Google Ads Script To Improve Your Responsive Search Ads

Since its inception in 2018, Google Responsive Search Ads (RSA) has revolutionized how advertisers create and launch ad campaigns. This dynamic ad format helps you save time and drive greater conversions by delivering the most relevant ad combinations to targeted audiences.

However, managing responsive ads can take so much time and effort. This is where a Google Ads script comes in handy. It provides the automation and efficiency you need to handle tedious tasks, personalize content, track performance and make real-time adjustments to your search ads.

What if you could take it a step further and improve ad performance by leveraging the power of ChatGPT? Featuring natural language processing abilities, ChatGPT could unlock a whole new level of ad optimization.

In 2022, PPC experts Matt Umbro and Frederick Vallaeys from SearchEngineLand collaborated on a script to generate a list of RSA ads that didn’t utilize the maximum allowable number of assets.

But Vallaeys saw an opportunity to take things further when ChatGPT released its generative AI capabilities. By combining scripts with GPT’s Application Programming Interface (API), Vallaeys tested ChatGPT’s potential to enhance an ad account and create AI generated ads.

As your trusted Google Ads marketing agency, we’re here to help you benefit from the power of generative AI. In this article, we delve into the results of Vallaeys’ experiment and explore how advertisers can leverage ChatGPT to improve ad performance.

How Do Responsive Ads Work?

Before we jump into Vallaey’s experiment, it’s important to understand how Google responsive search ads work.

This type of ad format enables you to create multiple headlines and descriptions for a single ad. Using machine learning, Google tests different combinations of headlines and descriptions to determine which ones yield the best results for different queries and search intent. This level of customization helps improve ad performance and reach,

A study showed that RSAs generate four times the number of impressions compared to expanded text ads. In addition, responsive ads with more headline variants yield more impressions per ad than those with fewer variants.

Advertisers can submit up to 15 headlines and four descriptions for each responsive ad. With 43,680 different permutations for every ad, the possibilities for customization are endless!

Although Google doesn’t guarantee that all 43,000 possible combinations will yield equal impressions, it’s best to provide the maximum allowable number of assets. This way, Google’s algorithms have more options to display your ads to relevant users. This, in turn, increases your chances of reaching high-intent audiences and boosting your click-through rate.

In practice, producing 15 compelling headlines and four detailed descriptions for every ad group can be tedious and time-consuming. As a result, many advertisers face gaps or incomplete variations in their ads.

A PPC agency can help you scale your search ads and fix inconsistencies. You can also leverage a Google Ads script for bulk operations on ad accounts. Scripts are scalable, customizable and free with any Google Ads account.

Using An AI Generated Script

Vallaeys’ AI generated script produces a spreadsheet of ad text assets for Google Ads accounts and uses GPT to suggest new ad variations. A copy of the code is available online. You can run the AI generated script in preview mode and check the logs to obtain the new spreadsheet’s URL.

The resulting spreadsheet features one RSA per row and column for every headline and description asset. To execute this Google Ads script, you must obtain an API key from OpenAI’s website. Then insert the key into the script, specifically around line 39, where it indicates:

var OPEN_AI_API_KEY = ”; // get your own API key at

The Results

In Vallaeys’ experiment, he observed that ChatGPT, as an AI script generator, occasionally makes mistakes with character counts. It tends to generate headlines and descriptions that exceed Google’s character limits.

When prompted to include character counts next to each suggested headline, ChatGPT would produce approximately close but only partially accurate outputs.

When asked about its limited mathematical capabilities, GPT emphasizes that its design revolves around natural language processing. While it can perform basic mathematical operations, it may not be as reliable as specialized math models.

Vallaeys also observed that GPT tends to follow patterns based on the prompt. It’s more inclined to write headlines of the appropriate length when working with a list of existing headlines.

This means the script is most effective when completing RSAs lacking only a few elements rather than most or all required elements.

It’s also worth noting that GPT often generates suggestions in numbered lists. Having each headline begin with ‘1),’ ‘2),’ and so on does not make for impactful conversion-focused ads.

Ultimately, Vallaeys expressed reservations about entirely relying on GPT for auto-generating ads. He recounted an instance where he unintentionally activated automatically applied recommendations for redundant keywords. The action caused his brand keyword to be removed from his account.

This scenario serves as a reminder that while the script can be a valuable addition to your PPC toolkit, thorough review and oversight are critical to prevent potential issues and ensure optimal ad performance.

Other Ways ChatGPT Can Help Improve Your Google Responsive Search Ads

Besides being an AI-script generator, here are other ways ChatGPT can help you elevate your ad campaign strategy.

Simplify Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of every successful Google search ads campaign. The right keywords will ensure AI generated ads appear in front of the right audience at the right time.

ChatGPT can help generate a relevant keyword list for Google ads. You can use a simple prompt, such as “Make a list of keywords related to car repair services.” This AI script generator will then provide a list of search terms related to your specified topic. You can also instruct ChatGPT to provide long-tail keywords with their search intent.

Optimize Ad Targeting and Audience Segmentation

Segmentation allows you to tailor your messaging based on targeted demographics, interests and online behavior. This will enable you to allocate your ad budget more efficiently and target segments most likely to convert.

By analyzing feedback and user data, ChatGPT can extract valuable audience insights. It can identify shared user preferences and activities that inform your ad targeting strategies.

Conduct Performance Reporting and Analysis

We’ve heard the value of ChatGPT to search engine optimization (SEO), not just your pay-pay-click (PPC) strategies.

ChatGPT can be prompted to analyze Google ads performance and prepare detailed reports. Its data-processing abilities let it extract valuable insights for future campaign optimization. Simply copy the data from your Google Ads account and instruct ChatGPT to process it.

Once you’ve extracted valuable data and insights, an SEO digital marketing agency can help you leverage them to improve your campaigns.

Boost Conversions With Powerful Google Search Ads

From AI script generator to content creator, ChatGPT’s remarkable generative AI capabilities allow it to serve multiple functions. Combined with other data analytics and SEO content writing tools, ChatGPT empowers brands to accelerate keyword research, craft more persuasive search ads and scale ad campaign creation.

However, while ChatGPT can provide valuable assistance, crafting effective AI generated ads still requires human expertise. Knowing which prompts to use and when to use them can help you launch the most profitable search ads.

As a reliable PPC agency, Thrive equips you with the tools, knowledge and support you need to elevate your Google Search Ads strategy. Our SEO digital marketing agency is knowledgeable about various ChatGPT prompts and can help you with SEO marketing and content creation.

Whether you aim to generate more leads, drive greater sales or yield more returns on your digital marketing strategy, our Google Ads marketing agency can help you achieve your goals. Book a consultation today and take your paid media strategy to the next level.

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