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Sikandar Jamil

SEO Specialist

Get more website sales with expert top SEO Consultant Sikandar Jamil’s help for better website optimization and increased search engine visibility. I am a search engine optimization expert with 3 years of experience working remotely with professionals and small businesses. We Help Businesses to do Entity-based SEO, Building Topical Authority, and Also best strategies for Programmatic SEO.

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I am a digital marketer who primarily focuses on SEO. I have been working for three years, and currently, I assist various clients with their SEO requirements. I enhance Landing pages to improve their search engine ranking. This process also helps to improve conversion rates, which means that more people would ultimately purchase or use the website’s services. I have experience working within various niche markets, including real estate, online stores, and restaurants, UK Parking Industry & beauty Ecommerce Store as well.

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Goals & Plans

My goal and plan for the future is to be a best Company in Search Engine Optimization and to make a your business a brand by just using my SEO skills on the search engine like Google. So that you can get better ROI (Return On Investment) for your SEO campaign.

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“Great job! Was always available when I needed him. He fixed everything I asked for when I needed it.”
paul golftipsspot.com client
Paul birdisland
“Amazing experience!! He made sure that he finished the work according to our time requirement. Good consideration for his clients!.”
appyfizz SEO client
Michael Johnson
“Cool dude. Easy-going. Treat with respect and you get respect.”
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to do SEO for different countries?

Step 1: For Optimizing Website for international SEO you need to take proper keyword research into consideration and check for cultural differences and check which keywords used all over the world which can provide you more potential customers.

Step 2: Second thing which you need is to have Country Specific Pages if you are willing to target multiple countries around the world on your website which can satisfy each country unique needs this can help you to rank better locally and it also improves user experience for visitors from every single country.

Step 3: Now What you need is to optimize your website for local search by including location specific information like your business Name, Address, Phone Number and business hours. This will improve your website locally.

Step 4: Use Href Lang tag in your country specific pages to indicate which language and country you are targeting for which page. This will help search engines to understand which website version to show to which country and which people to show language wise.

Step 5: Build local backlinks to improve your website authority this will help you to rank better on search engines locally as well as internationally.

Step 6: Now Lastly, Monitor and analyze your results Regularly to check your website’s performance in each country to see what works for you now use these insights to improve your SEO Strategy and continually improve your results.

How much does international SEO cost?

Cost of international SEO varies based on the various factors such as the number of countries which you are targeting, your competition level with in the country, your website Architecture or structure and the the scope of the SEO strategy.

Can you do SEO remotely?

Yes, I can do SEO remotely. In fact with modern technology and tools, I can work from anywhere in the world. what your just need is to book a call with to discuss your challenges which you are facing in your business. Overall, remote SEO work can be just as effective as in-person SEO work, and can offer you many benefits such as flexibility, cost savings.

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