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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a technique and procedure to tell google what your website is all about by improving the website technically, creating relevant content, building links, and also creating a good website architecture.

Why is SEO important?

Search Engine Optimization is important for your business because it can generate free traffic organically to improve your business through your website by getting more customers from it only by optimizing for potential customer queries.


People confuse themselves with SEO and PPC. PPC is Pay per click advertising means you pay for it but Search Engine Optimization is only based on your hard work.

The anatomy of search results

Paid results: You can see paid results examples by searching for keywords like “SEO Experts in California” or you can try another area instead of California because maybe when you search for a keyword you may not be able to see that paid result just because at the time no one is running any ad.  You need to run Google ads or Bing ads campaigns to show your website on particular keywords that can be “Broad Match, Exact Match, or Phrase Match Keyword”.

PPC Google Ads


Organic results: Just below paid or sponsored ads you will also be able to see organic results on SERP which is optimized and ranked by implementing the best practices of Search Engine Optimization.

Organic SEO


SEO involves

Global SEO Services

  • Keyword Research: 

Keyword Research

  • Link Building: Page SEO involves putting your website links outside of your website which involves local, and international directories business submissions, creating social profiles, copy your competitor’s backlinks you can you Ahrefs link insertion tool to do that, and broken link building also includes off-page SEO category there are many other types of links as well they all should be created in a very natural way by taking some points into your consideration that what your anchor texts should be other then this uniqueness of the content also matters wherever you create a link and you should have you website link variations.

link building


  • Technical SEO: It has a long list but some of the things which are important and of high priority are having HTTPS instead of HTTP you should use TLS which is an advanced version of SSL that provides the best security for your website and is free and provided by Cloudflare CDN, technical SEO also includes checking crawling issues like having a good canonical tag, good website Speed, and a good sitemap and robots file to make your Google life easy to crawl it and index it in SERP.

Technical SEO


  • Building Topical Authority When it comes to ranking and increasing website visibility then becoming a Topical Authority in your niche is a best practice. You can achieve this by covering a wide range of topics and by understanding the relationship between entities by having perfect interlinking of pages.

Topical Authority SEO

  • Content Creation and Buiding Topical Maps to cover different entities For Building Topical Authority you need to create Content and for that you need topics or you need to create a topical map to cover different entities there are different ways to create a topical map or find topics or you can say finding keywords on which you need to write on you can do this by using answerthepublic.com you can also use its alternate which is answersocrates.com it will give you many topics other than this you can use Google Suggestions, Related Searches, checking competitors sitemap to get more keywords, and you can also use some tool like AHREFS or SEMRUSH to find topics easily.

SEO Content For Building Topical Authority

How Do Search Engines Work?

Google is the most popular search engine so as an SEO expert you must need to understand it’s working because it will help you to improve your website so that Google can understand your website properly. The main goal of any search engine like Google is to satisfy the customer or the person who is searching for that particular query by providing him with a complete and best answer. The main steps which are involved in serving a user are:

Crawling: This is a step in which Google reads your website page and checks if the page you want to index is mobile-friendly, referred by sitemap, and has good content.

Indexing: You can say that this is step 2 after crawling Google Crawler indexes your website sometimes it can take some time to index even if you have fixed everything right. Indexing typically means it will show your webpage on Google Search Engine Result Pages. In this step google check page to check what that page is all about and then insert it into its database.

Serving results: Serving Result or Ranking Step comes after indexing your website. In this step, google checks when a user enters a query in the search engine which page is best in terms of relevancy and quality then ranks it accordingly.

Ensuring Relevance

Ensuring that your page content is relevant to the searcher’s query is the no.1 priority is that query is not relevant then Google will not put your website result on rankings. There are several types of search queries by the user which work on different levels of the Sales funnel to satisfy the user.

  1. Navigational: Navigational Search intent is when a user search for a service or product in some area or location for example 

SEO Services in Washington 

When the user searches this query then he is willing to get services of SEO available in Washington

  1. Informational 

Informational Search intent is when a user is looking for some information related to a particular item, product, or service for example if a user searches for Do SEO Worth it? this user is willing to know if SEO is better for his or her business.

  1. Commercial 

A user who has commercial search intent wants to investigate products, services, or brands for example  Best SEO plugin for WordPress”.

  • Transactional

The transactional search intent of users is more willing to purchase a product or service for example “SEO Services price in Los Angeles California”.

Topical relevance: Topical Relevance is the most important factor when it comes to satisfying a searcher’s query on Google because if your page content and meta tags are not relevant to the query which is being searched on Google then your page will not rank let’s say if I am searching for the best price for SEO services then if google returns me results like what is SEO or how SEO works I will not going to even click that result just because I don’t want that result because its irrelevant. 

Type of content: Make sure when you start writing content for a page you first need to check which type of content is ranked on Google you just need to search on Google before writing on it like whether Google is ranking product pages, list posts, category pages, etc then create only that type of page only.

Content freshness: Some content that needs frequent updating for example product reviews etc needs to be updated for the freshness of the content because these types of content are time sensitive.

Location: Google Shows search results based on the current location of the person so you also need to adjust that to fully check whether you are ranking in that particular location or not. If you have a local business then you need to do its local SEO which includes optimization of Google Business Profile, Listing in Business Directories, and consistent use of the same Business Name, Address, and Phone Number everywhere on the internet.

Why SEO focuses on Google?

Worldwide Google has around 92.63% market share of global search engines and Bing only has 2.79% of the global search engine market share that’s why SEO focuses more on Google rather than any other search engine because Google has the maximum traffic.

What does Google want? 

Google is here to give users or searchers the best search Experience. This means providing the most relevant results is its ultimate goal as quickly as possible for example if you visit the investopedia website then you will see in every article they have created they are covering more relevant information and give users a key takeaway section to give answers as quickly as possible.

How Google makes money?

Google makes money through its advertising network which Google uses to put ads in a Google Display Network GDN and people show ads using PPC Google Ads using the Google AdWords dashboard.

The Role of SEO

The role of SEO is to optimize the website and make it easy for search engines to understand websites better.

Where to Start?

You should start creating quality content 

Creating Quality Content



E-A-T signals: 


Where to Start?

Providing Great Usability

Site security:

Page speed:


Ease of use:

Where to Start?

Building Authority

Creating linkable assets:

Guest posting:

Broken link building:

Where to Start?

7 Truths About SEO

SEO is not about cheating Google.

SEO is not about hacks.

SEO is a long-term game.

SEO is more than just installing an SEO plugin.

You’re never “done” with SEO.

Knowing your audience is key.

SEO is just one part of the puzzle.


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