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10 Top High-Experienced Freelance SEO Consultants in 2024

1. Josien

She assists medium-sized and larger businesses in putting into practice an enterprise-wide SEO strategy. You will work with me as an SEO coach, mentor, and guide to get everyone on the same page and achieve organic growth in Google, Bing, Yahoo!, social media, and other channels. Josien is an international SEO business owner who operates from any location. With over 5 years as an SEO specialist, she enhanced linking structures and traveled to 30+ countries. Additionally, serving over 4 years as an internet marketing manager in 3+ countries, her expertise is crucial in educating businesses on integrating SEO for rapid organic growth.

2. Jagdish Prajapati

He uses cutting-edge internet marketing techniques to expand businesses. In addition, I have assisted hundreds of businesses in increasing the number of “ready to buy” website visits; I can do the same for you. procedure geek. Every aspect of my operations is controlled by intricate, well-defined processes. This enables me to scale challenging jobs (like SEO) with little difficulty or expense. created a procedure specifically for cross-platform digital marketing campaigns.

3. Steve Napier

JSteve Napier is among the most seasoned independent SEO experts in the UK an established SEO specialist who has assisted hundreds of companies in raising their organic search ranks in order to increase traffic and income. Experience and abilities will support your company in doing the same. Since 2004, I have been working as a freelance SEO consultant, and it is by far the most fulfilling career I could ask for. adore achieving outcomes! collaborated with PLCs, company owners, and SEO firms while offering services. enhanced websites’ internet visibility in a variety of sectors. an SEO advisor with extensive technical knowledge

4. Sajib Roy

The proprietor of this Bangladeshi SEO provider business. My service is unquestionably worth your investigation if you’re seeking a reliable SEO service provider. I’ve been employed in this industry for over 6 years as one of Bangladesh’s top SEO experts. My perseverance has allowed me to establish myself as a respected SEO specialist in Bangladesh, where I currently operate my own SEO service provider business, even if success is not always easy. My objective has always been to work in the SEO field, thus I’ve always wanted to accomplish this.  Success has always been one of my key life goals, therefore I’ve selected this road to fulfill my drive for accomplishment.

5. Daniel Foley

Daniel Foley has a substantial portfolio of SEO Case Studies that demonstrate the level of success attained for companies in Google Search Freelance. Daniel Foley’s SEO consulting services are intended to generate new leads and sales for your company with higher organic traffic. The SEO consultancy services are tailored to meet the needs of potential clients and provide comprehensive SEO service coverage. They offer all the services one would expect from an SEO agency, but at a fraction of the costs typically associated with SEO, and they have over 30,000 followers on LinkedIn, Clutch, Upwork, and Google My Business. Given my more than 21 years of SEO experience and expertise, SEO rates are demanded at a reasonable charge. I worked with a wide range of Small, Medium, and Large organizations with various SEO budgets in my role as an SEO consultant.

6. Sandeep Singh Mehta

If you’re seeking someone who can rank your website on Google’s first page and persuade you that it’s useful to outperform your competitors, your search for the Best SEO Freelancer India is finished. Permit me to introduce myself, please: With more than five years of experience in the field of digital marketing, Sandeep Singh Mehta is a dedicated full-time freelance SEO specialist (SEO, PPC, SMM). He is situated in Delhi. offers the greatest, most economical, white-hat, and legitimate SEO services in India without sacrificing quality.

7. Lukasz Zelezny

It is our responsibility as an impartial consultancy to comprehend how each company’s website varies from the competition and what it takes to get the traffic and conversions they want. With more than ten years of experience giving presentations and seminars on SEO, coupled with twenty years of expertise in the field, of SEO. London is in a unique position to draw in your target audience using actual facts rather than conjecture. It should be made clear that SEO. London is not an agency. Our goal is to assist companies and organizations in developing custom programs that will increase their exposure and traffic needs, encourage conversions, and increase revenues.

8. Aditya Khanna

Aditya Khanna is a performance SEO specialist and consultant based in Delhi. additionally a Co-founder and Director of SEO practice at Justgoweb Digital, a digital marketing organization situated in Delhi NCR (Noida).


With more than 20 years of expertise, he is a skilled UK SEO consultant who has ranked client websites at the top of Google and other search engines. helped companies of all sizes increase website traffic and income. may also accomplish the same for your company.

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