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10 Top SEO Experts in Singapore in 2024

Meet 10 SEO Experts in Singapore’s Digital Landscape. From Tom Koh’s extensive experience advising multinational corporations to Lily Chia’s adeptness at adapting to Google’s algorithms, these SEO specialists have revolutionized the industry. Discover their stories and gain insights into their strategies. Want to learn more about these brilliant minds?

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1. Tom Koh

Tom Koh is an accomplished SEO specialist based in Singapore. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computational science from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and has over 20 years of marketing experience. With a strong focus on SEO-driven digital marketing, Tom has honed his expertise in the field for more than a decade. He also serves as a consultant for Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb in New York, advising the Sequoia Group on investments in major companies like Acrobat (Google), Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway. Tom chose to work with Media One, recognizing their position as a leading SEO expert in Singapore. He collaborates with multinational corporations such as SingTel, ST Electronics, Maybank, The Hourglass, CapitaLand, Hotel InterContinental, and many others.

2. Wayne Quek

Wayne Quek is responsible for overseeing the search engine marketing division of a reputable company. His clientele includes SingTel, Gold Bell, Stratus, IBC Asia, and the Economic Development Board of Singapore. With over ten years of experience in the media industry, Wayne has held significant positions at Global Yellow Pages, Webnatics, MDIS, and Black Spartans. Wayne possesses comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of SEO operations and is highly regarded as one of the top SEO experts in Singapore. His extensive experience working with different companies has equipped him with the skills to handle work efficiently and effectively.

3. Michael Leong

Michael Leong is a highly successful SEO expert operating in Singapore. In addition to assisting companies with search engine optimization, Michael has also achieved impressive rankings for his own digital marketing firm. He has been helping businesses enhance their digital experiences to cater to modern consumers, earning him a prominent position among the nation’s top SEO experts. As an SEO specialist, Michael collaborates with various corporate departments, including sales, customer service, web development, analytics, IT, marketing, and more, to ensure comprehensive optimization strategies.

4. Jack Zeng

Jack Zeng has been an invaluable asset to Clickr Media for over five years, contributing significantly to the company’s reputation as a leading provider of digital marketing services in Singapore. His expertise lies in planning and executing SEO strategies, analyzing data, and optimizing websites for success. As an SEO expert, Jack explains technical terminologies, highlights the importance of specific adjustments, and demonstrates how they can improve websites and ultimately benefit businesses.

5. Lily Chia

With previous senior positions at the Singapore Economic Development Board and BizArts Creative, Lily Chia has established herself as a capable SEO advisor. She possesses strong leadership skills and effectively guides teams of marketers and digital experts to achieve success for their respective companies. Lily is skilled in creating clear and concise content focused on providing optimal user experiences on the internet. Additionally, she stays adaptable to changes in Google algorithms to ensure the best outcomes for her clients.

6. Sherwin Seow

Sherwin Seow specializes in utilizing SEO and social media marketing techniques to help businesses in Singapore attract targeted customers and drive traffic. Through his organization, Sherwin assists companies in climbing search engine rankings and creates tactical plans to maintain their positions. He currently holds the positions of business development manager at Lins Advertising & Marketing Ltd. and director of sales at Clickworkz, where he excels in driving successful marketing campaigns.

7. Wynn Zhou

Wynn Zhou is the founder and CEO of Digital M, a company that has been instrumental in boosting the SEO rankings of numerous businesses for over a decade. By enhancing website visibility on search engines like Google, Wynn has secured top positions for competitive search keywords such as “SEO packages,” “Top SEO Agency,” “Cheap SEO Singapore,” and “Digital Marketing Agency.” In addition to achieving high rankings

8. Yihui Liu

Yihui Liu is a well-known SEO expert from Singapore. She is a Senior SEO Analyst at GroupM.

9. Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo is an SEO expert from Singapore. He is a CMO at Ahrefs.

10. Melvin Fam

Melvin Fam is a Head of the Department (SEO) at OOm Pte. He is a highly professional SEO Expert and he also ranked on many high-value keywords.

Please Verify This list of SEO Experts in Singapore because with the passage of time, this list gets updated.

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