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10 Top Search Engine Optimisation Consultants

Here is a list of search engine optimization professionals in case you’re seeking the best SEO consultants or SEO experts to help you rank your website high.

Sikandar Jamil

With more than three years of experience, SEO specialist Sikandar Jamil launched Search Engine Empires. His areas of expertise include increasing Search Engine Visibility and optimizing Crawling and Indexing processes. Entity-based SEO, Topical Authority Building, and Search Engine Optimised Cost Retrieval are among his specialties.
Sikandar holds the position of SEO coordinator at EASEFIX. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Capital University. He has the technical know-how to significantly optimize websites regardless of the framework or programming language they are based on thanks to his history as a developer.
As the founder of Search Engine Empires and a co-founder of Ceca-Media in Germany, Sikandar’s global reach is evident when searching for the “Top International SEO Consultant” on Google.

Beyond honors, his goal is to empower people worldwide, as evidenced by an amazing 70% rise in organic traffic.

In Sikandar Jamil, the story of a visionary in the field of SEO is woven together with a healthy dose of emotion and accomplishment.

Experience: 3 or more
Specialization: blogging, SaaS, and SEO for e-commerce
Notable Achievement: Within six months, customer income increased by 30%.

Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan is one of the top SEO specialists and a successful SEO consultant in the past. At the moment, he serves as Executive Director of Content Distribution, at a company that assists businesses in creating and disseminating content to reach large Internet audiences. In this capacity, he observed over 60K terms appearing on the first page of search results. One of Tupelo Media’s marketing strategists for one of his clients, Nick, described him as “a no-nonsense, straight-forward, goal-oriented professional who gets right to work producing results” when questioned about him. In less time than most consultants would take to complete the contract signing, he was well into the implementation of our initiatives.

Jonathan Pogat

Jonathan Pogat is the next SEO specialist on the list. With over a decade of executive experience, he has developed marketing strategies for high-achieving businesses. Jonathan held the position of Vice President of Marketing at Drips, a software service provider that specializes in boosting lead conversion using conversational marketing that leverages AI-powered text. As vice president of marketing, he is well-versed in all aspects of marketing, including social media and mobile marketing, in addition to SEO tactics.

Suumit Shah

Suumit Shah is an SEO consultant on the list. He is the ideal mix of technical SEO knowledge and creative thinking. He assisted several SaaS startups in the early stages of his career in growing their online presence. Subsequently, he established Risemetric, a prosperous SEO firm that has been in business for almost four years. Risemetric has helped eight firms reach seven figures in valuation only in the last year.

Albert Ai

Albert Ai has worked on search engine optimization for many years. His foundation in statistics and research allowed him to swiftly establish a successful career in search engine optimization. Albert is currently an SEO consultant at Reedsy, a website that has grown its organic search traffic by 85 times as a result of his approach. Additionally, he oversaw the SEO team at Nova Credit, a cross-border bureau that assists US immigrants in establishing and/or transferring their credit.

Mani Karthik

Mani is your man if you’re searching for an all-arounder with a creative attitude and proficiency in technical SEO. In his very brief but utterly brilliant career as a digital marketer, Mani has assisted several businesses in growing their online presence. He was a founding member of Risemetric, a complete IT and digital marketing firm that has helped several significant companies explode in value in 2014. Later, he succeeded Suumit Shah as the owner of Rankz is a content marketing and SEO company that provides solutions for rank tracking and software distribution.


Expert in SEO Over 10,000 Effective Hours of Work on Upwork Does your company website need to be ranked higher in search results? Do your rivals have a better Google ranking than you? Disappointed in the current state of your website’s performance? Or are you only aiming to boost your income, customers, or other figures?  Then you require an SEO specialist but always make the appropriate choice for the work at hand. The Google world is getting more and more difficult these days; several algorithm changes have made SEO considerably more difficult than it was previously. The majority of SEO professionals have some basic misconceptions about what it takes to rank these days. The handful who still understand how it works find that it has grown easier. All Google wants is for high-quality websites to emerge; all you need to do is learn what they value highly.

Aida Georgia

Competent SEO specialist with a track record of initiative and success that has worked with both small and large enterprises; now serving customers at the enterprise level. have a solid background in search engine optimization, including both on-page and off-page SEO, and I constantly stay up to speed on software updates and news.


You may regain your reputation by using online reputation management. I have aided individuals in preserving their reputations for many years. offer comprehensive SEO campaigns and marketing strategies. As a local SEO expert, I have extensive expertise in SEO, SMM, and SEM.


Working in the SEO and digital marketing space for the past five years, I’ve developed SEO strategies and implemented them for British household brands like Virgin Media and Marks & Spencer, as well as worked with well-known companies like Apple, Marks and Spencer, Warburtons, and Legal and General. aided several small enterprises in the gaming, banking, cryptocurrency, retail, news, journalism, and e-commerce sectors.

Mehboob Shar

Prominent authority in search engine optimization, Mehboob has garnered accolades for his efforts and has websites ranked in Europe, the UK, England, the USA, Canada, the UAE, Australia, and over ten other countries. Mehboob is included in Google’s search results as one of the “Top SEO Experts in the World”. He states that he is the world’s best SEO consultant since he is ranked first among search engine optimization specialists. LinkedIn Account

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