10 Top SEO Experts Philippines in 2024

1. Richard martin Linga

Richard Martin Linga is an SEO specialist in the Philippines who develops strategies for his clients’ businesses to promote them online and help them grow their online brands. Richard is competent in developing an SEO strategy to advertise a company’s products and services online. He claims to be aware of the need of adding the newest SEO strategies to its tried-and-true offerings. When overseeing the SEO process, he takes into account every factor that might affect a client’s business or brand. He tried to consider every SEO requirement and investigated the industry as an expert in SEO.

2. Laurence Thein

Renowned SEO expert from the Philippines, Laurence Thein, offers a wealth of knowledge from his work as an SEO consultant in Orange County and Las Vegas. His clientele is wide and includes attorneys, doctors, surgeons, small and big enterprises, e-commerce companies, realtors, and other professionals. He has also effectively contributed to the Internet marketing and social media presence of these businesses.

3. Glen Dimaandal

Glen Dimaandal is a prominent SEO consultant and specialist in the Philippines. He was a manager at two Fortune 500 US firms before founding Search Works, the most reputable search marketing firm in the nation. Search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), direct response copywriting, e-commerce SEO, and link building are some of Glen’s key areas of expertise. He is regarded as one of the most influential search marketing thought leaders in the Philippines and frequently speaks at conferences and seminars on digital marketing.

4. Alvin John Ferias

Alvin is one of the Philippines’ foremost SEO consultants. His experience in search engine optimization spans over a decade. Having spent many years in the industry, he is totally committed to his work and ensures that his clients are happy. He is more current since he fully comprehends how Google’s policies are evolving. In order to make sure that SEO guidelines are appropriately followed throughout the content of websites, he works closely with his staff. He is an expert in developing and implementing link-building strategies.

5. Cyrel Nicolas

Cyrel is passionate about online marketing and has worked as a professional SEO consultant in the Philippines for around 10 years. He has lived in the digital world, working on small- to large-scale e-commerce websites using SEO, SMM, and PPC to make each client’s website rank highly in search results. He is also an accomplished SEO expert who offers astute and practical advice to outrank competitors and improve his internet presence. He uses tried-and-true off-page and on-page tactics that will surely increase his online presence and reputation. He can help you improve your internet presence and build a website.

6. Gian Reyes

Gian Reyes has helped a huge number of customers, from small businesses to well-known brands, enhance their search engine rankings. Since his objective is to assist in directing potential customers who are looking for their services or goods to be viewed worldwide, he may make your website stand out from the competition. As an SEO specialist, he can enhance websites to get more free visitors from the most popular search engines. In order to ensure that websites are fully indexable and follow the latest search engine guidelines, he also employs expert SEO methods and on-page SEO procedures.

7. John Puno

John Puno is a five-year veteran SEO specialist in the Philippines. He helps his clients, who are Filipino and international, improve their local SEO profile. Furthermore, he provides local businesses with the greatest and most affordable services, such as multi-location SEO and local SEO audits, to help them appear better in localized organic search results and on Google Maps. He has served clients in a range of industries, including dentistry, orthodontics, locksmithing, electrical repair, moving companies, chiropractors, and legal services. He could also adapt to his clientele’s verticals. He is a person of integrity.

8. Jocelyn N

As an SEO expert, she optimizes each page of a website to ensure that search results are relevant, enhance user experience, and boost website traffic, lead generation, and brand visibility. She works for a company that always seeks to boost sales. She may increase a website’s visibility on Google by using SEO tools like Google Analytics and conducting keyword research, which is beneficial for any business.

9. John Allen

John is a seasoned SEO specialist who has worked at 14 different companies. He places a high value on client happiness and handles websites with skill and knowledge of SEO technologies. Living in the Philippines, he works for multinational companies, lending his knowledge to several corporate divisions including marketing, sales, customer service, web development, analytics, and IT. John highlights how difficult it is to explain how making changes to a website may improve its SEO and result in more visitors and conversions.

10. Mongaya R

In the area of SEO, Mongaya offers full white hat services. To promote his art, he has collaborated with other businesses. He is trusted for his abilities by the people in the Philippines. Having created several websites, Mongaya has achieved top Google ranking for them. Having earned a Google certification, he is capable of using all of the trends that Google has established. His clientele are consistently pleased with his work. In every way, he differs from the other SEO specialists.

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