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Top 9 SEO Experts in Kolkata

Aayush bucha

His areas of expertise include both local and organic SEO, and he works as an SEO consultant in Kolkata. He offers Kolkata, India’s top SEO services. His achievements speak for themselves, as he has dedicated a significant amount of time, effort, and knowledge to this specific area of search engine optimization. He ensures that the website has a good ranking. He can understand Google’s rules and regulations as well as the significance of the website’s rating as dependable, practical, and most importantly trustworthy. Google updates its algorithms on a regular basis. It is always coming up with new ideas to streamline the procedure. Because he is an expert SEO in Kolkata, he is aware of these updates and always keeps himself updated on the trends and advances.

Rintu Biswas

He is an SEO expert with a base in Kolkata. As an SEO expert in Kolkata for many years, he has developed websites from the ground up and is familiar with every stage involved in getting the best ranking. He offers verified SEO outcomes. He is a master at increasing a website’s quality traffic as opposed to just its quantitative traffic. Customers may discover him easily since he is powerful and adept at using the SERP ranks to his benefit in affiliate programs. In Kolkata, he also provides white hat SEO training and blogging classes.

Sumanta H

An expert in optimizing websites for search engines, such as Google or Amazon. She is familiar with a number of software packages that focus on keyword research. She is somewhat knowledgeable in social media, Bing, and Google advertising. She also works to the best of her abilities with a group of individuals. Her objective is to fulfill her client’s needs in every manner. She is regarded as one of the best SEO specialists in Kolkata since she is committed to her work regardless of the situation.

Md A

He is among the TOP 10% of SEOs in Kolkata and has a bunch of experience creating amazing websites. In addition, he has a great deal of expertise in creating mobile websites that are responsive and function well across all browsers. While most of his talents are focused on building scalable websites for any industry, he is also well-versed in producing automotive websites. Working on projects with a group of people committed to creating functional and visually beautiful interfaces is something he appreciates. He looks for long-term projects just because he thinks it’s important to build relationships with his clients that last.


Krishna is a Bengaluru-born expert in search engine optimization. She says she has clients with websites that are well-established in the online marketing space. According to her, the most important initial stage in the SEO process for websites is on-page optimization. She provides complete internet marketing and website promotion services for every kind of website. She also makes sure that the website is completely available online. She also uses moral SEO strategies and approaches to improve the website’s rankings. Furthermore, it increases traffic to websites. Among other search engines, she is able to propel the website to the top of Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Her innovative and inventive technical solutions have made her one of the leading authorities on SEO. With more than 10 years of experience, she is a very dedicated worker who frequently outperforms the competition for her clients.

Manoj maity

Since 2016, Manoj Maity, a search engine optimizer headquartered in Kolkata, has worked as an employee of several businesses. He studied SEO at SEO Veterans, a recognized institution. You can see much of his work on the SEO case study website. His methodical and focused SEO efforts resulted in major commercial development for every organization he worked for. As an SEO specialist in Kolkata, his objective is to drive more people to his clients’ websites not only to the sites themselves.

Nirupam Chakraborty

For the past three years, Nirupam has been employed in the search engine optimization industry. Being an SEO guru, he can provide terms that are certain to show up in Google’s top search results.  He is also skilled in search engine optimization for websites. Additionally, he could add additional high-quality links to the website’s content to help it rank higher in search results on Google. He also understands how to constantly monitor the location of a web page. His specialty is getting rid of Google penalties. Viral marketing for PPC advertising boosting your Alexa rating CRO services for managing your internet image.


Among his responsibilities as an SEO specialist are internet marketing, business website management, backups, security, and design. He is the Webmaster’s supervisor. Overseeing the company’s servers, website, and SEO initiatives are among his primary duties. These days, his customer base contains people from the US, UK, France, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. He can answer any questions you may have about Amazon product listing services, maintaining a website, or digital commerce.  He is an extremely competent and self-assured SEO expert.

Sanjiv Barnwal

Being a top SEO expert in Kolkata, he has assisted several businesses in getting good Google first-page rankings. He frequently collaborates one-on-one to take control of other firms’ online markets. He has prior experience working in Kolkata as an SEO adviser. He has a wealth of expertise in digital marketing in Kolkata, and he picked up the skills necessary to work as an SEO fast because he was initially hired as a freelance SEO professional after being discovered by search engines. He improved a number of business plans by applying different SEO techniques to enable their firm to grow online. Without a doubt, he can support the thriving business expansion that occurs annually.

Who are the top SEO experts in Kolkata?

Sikandar Jamil

Based in Kolkata, he serves as an SEO consultant, focusing on both organic and local SEO. Renowned for providing the finest SEO services in Kolkata, India, his results are a testament to the dedicated time, effort, and expertise he has invested in this particular realm of search engine optimization.

What sets Kolkata’s SEO experts apart from others?

Kolkata’s SEO experts distinguish themselves through a combination of local market knowledge, industry expertise, and a track record of successful campaigns. Their understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the Kolkata market allows them to tailor SEO strategies for maximum impact.

How do Kolkata’s SEO experts stay updated with industry trends?

The top SEO experts in Kolkata prioritize continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. They often attend conferences, participate in webinars, and engage in online forums to ensure they are well-informed about the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization.

What types of businesses benefit most from hiring SEO experts in Kolkata?

SEO experts in Kolkata cater to a diverse range of businesses, from small startups to established enterprises. They adapt their strategies based on the specific needs and goals of each business, making their services beneficial for anyone looking to enhance online visibility and improve search engine rankings.

How can businesses in Kolkata measure the success of their SEO efforts with the help of experts?

Kolkata’s SEO experts employ a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of SEO campaigns. Metrics such as increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, and improved conversion rates are commonly used to demonstrate the positive impact of their efforts. Regular reporting and analysis are integral to the process, allowing businesses to gauge the ROI of their SEO investment.



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