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10 Top SEO Experts in Bangladesh in 2024

Are you trying to find the top SEO specialist in Bangladesh? or attempting to employ a Bangladeshi local SEO expert? This is a list of SEO specialists in Bangladesh that includes the top search engine marketers in the nation.

If you’re looking for SEO specialists in Bangladesh, there’s a brilliant group of people right here who can help you increase your online visibility. A committed SEO specialist in Bangladesh can offer insightful advice and useful tactics to raise the exposure of your website in search engine results. These professionals have the skills and background to properly optimize your website, regardless of the geographic or global audience you’re trying to reach.

A crucial factor to take into account when selecting a white hat SEO specialist in Bangladesh is their dedication to employing these strategies. White hat SEO specialists in Bangladesh follow moral standards and search engine regulations. By concentrating on high-quality content, keyword research, on-page optimization, and the development of credible backlinks, they put an emphasis on long-term success and organic growth. These SEO experts in Bangladesh can assist your website in achieving long-term rankings and improving its online reputation by using a white hat strategy. With their experience, you can keep a step ahead of the competition and draw in more niche customers to your website, which will boost sales and expand your company.

Sikandar Jamil is a renowned global SEO expert and consultant if you’re searching for a global SEO influencer.

1. Faruk Khan

He can make the website of your business rank highly in search results. He is skilled at utilizing the newest SEO techniques to broaden his online presence and boost website traffic. Additionally, he can improve your website’s content to increase revenue. By hiring him as an SEO expert in Bangladesh, you may help him support you in achieving your business goals.

As an expert SEO consultant in Bangladesh, he can help you achieve your company goals. All of this is made possible by his vast knowledge alone.

2. Niloy

Working for a top SEO service company in Bangladesh has allowed him to acquire essential skills throughout his career. Considering his vast experience, he made the decision to launch his own SEO business in Bangladesh. He has been employed in Bangladesh as a professional SEO for the last eight years. In addition to providing SEO services to Bangladeshi firms, he has experience working as an SEO teacher. He also provided SEO training at other SEO training centers in Bangladesh. His professional SEO profile was highly renowned among all the SEO companies in Bangladesh. It is imperative that an SEO service provider in Bangladesh understands and possesses every skill set needed to be considered an SEO professional.

3. Shakil Ahmmed

He works as an SEO consultant and certified web designer in Bangladesh. Since March 2015, he has provided internet marketing consulting services to his clientele. He is ready at all times to provide excellent SEO services, including recovery from Google penalties for Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and other recent upgrades. Additionally, he is aware that Google just DE-indexed PBNs. In addition, Google has not penalized any of its websites. He has 10 years of experience in the subject passionate about it.

4. Mehdi Hasan Zihad

His work is very organized, and since he has to know how the website is currently operating, he appropriately optimizes the websites in his First Step On-Page SEO Service. He then gives the website’s structure and content arrangement considerable thought. His next task is to compile a list of every website problem on an XL sheet. In order to determine whether the website’s content structure is user- and search engine-friendly, he also examines it. The third phase is all about resolving issues with your live website. In order to help enhance Google ranking and SERP performance, he provides more than 100 SEO Checklists. At last, he generates an XL Sheet and provides his client with the entire report.

5. Murad ul Hassan

Murad Hasan is a Google Analytics-certified professional SEO specialist in Bangladesh.Prior to becoming an SEO specialist, he worked in marketing and advertising. Currently, he maintains a full-time role as an SEO professional. With over five years of expertise, he works with total enthusiasm and confidence. In addition to writing and earning certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, AdSense, and other areas, he has effectively finished a number of Google courses.

6. Ratul Roy

Ratul Roy is the youngest White Hat SEO specialist in Bangladesh. At the age of sixteen, he started working as a freelance SEO specialist in Bangladesh. He has completed freelance work for over fifty local businesses. Furthermore, he has completed over 50 SEO jobs as a freelancer. Currently, he and his entire team are providing SEO services all over the world. In addition, he has instructed several other SEO specialists in Bangladesh.

7. Asif Anwer

Mr. Asif Anwar has been offering his SEO services to companies since 2003. In his nearly two decades, he has refined his abilities and acquired unmatched knowledge. His SEO skills benefit both small and large organizations. He is quite knowledgeable in several areas, including SEO.

8. Abul Kashem

He is regarded as Bangladesh’s foremost authority in SEO. In addition, He founded Prayogik to provide SEO training and boot camp-style instruction to people. He sincerely thinks that with the correct instruction and preparation, everyone can realize their full potential. Using the portal Hyraoo, he links online companies with regional talent. His highly skilled team consists of several SEO experts. This company has been providing dependable service since 2008. He provides help to both small and large businesses using this platform. Mr. Kashem boosts firms with efficient SEO by utilizing his vast knowledge and abilities.

9. Tahir Choudhry

He serves clients all over the world as a leading SEO specialist in Bangladesh. He’s well renowned for his SEO talks. With his extensive understanding of SEO techniques, he has served a large number of clients to date. He has four years of SEO experience. Furthermore, he is skilled in controlling website traffic. He is hired by Bangladeshi companies for SEO initiatives, and they are always pleased with his work and efforts.

10. Maqsood Rehman

With almost 20 years of experience in SEO, he can give top-notch options for optimization services in Bangladesh with confidence, having worked with several significant, domestic and international organizations in the past. As an SEO specialist, he skillfully leads customers through every step of the process, from comprehensive big data analysis to fixing technological issues, guaranteeing higher results on Google’s first page. His long experience has given him a plethora of industry-specific information, which elevates his reputation and adds depth to all SEO jobs.

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