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10 Top SEO Experts in Delhi in 2024

1.   Prempal Singh.

As the best SEO specialist in India, Prempal Singh has been recognized for his exceptional SEO services and advice across a wide range of industry verticals. To develop practical optimization tactics that yield results driven by ROI, he stays abreast of the constantly evolving dynamic elements of SEO and search-engine algorithms. He has over 7 years of work experience in this field, having executed numerous SEO campaigns throughout India. He is an expert in Google’s White Hat SEO techniques and follows any new rules or algorithms that are introduced. All of his SEO tactics adhere to the guidelines established by the search engines.

2. Sunil Chaudhry.

The best SEO specialist in India is Sunil Chaudhary. He offers SEO services all over the world. His enthusiasm sets him apart from other SEO specialists. He assumes responsibility for the work and puts his all into it. Sunil Chaudhary is the best SEO expert guru in India. JustBaazaar is an SEO business based in India. We serve customers from throughout the world. What he has started working on so far has gone well. His commitment to offering top-notch SEO services is almost 99.99%. The leading SEO company in the sector, JustBaazaar, was formed by him. Sunil is regarded by several companies as one of the best digital marketers.

3. Jeewan Garg.

The best organic SEO services are provided by JeewanGarg, a well-known SEO expert in Delhi, India. Our India-based SEO specialist helps you attain the maximum amount of organic traffic without breaking the bank. He has served more than 400 satisfied clients to date and is Google-certified for his SEO development work. Jeewan guarantees 100% transparency in all of his work’s outcomes, and he also provides high ROI SEO services based on data.

4. Aditya Khanna.

He is a Delhi-based performance SEO consultant and expert. Additionally, he is the Director of SEO Practice and Co-Founder of Justgoweb Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Delhi NCR (Noida). He has ten years of experience as an SEO specialist. He is sure that SEO is a developing science, engineering, or technology. He uses the greatest SEO strategies to make sure the website constantly performs better than the competitors. His considerable experience and comprehension set him apart from other SEO experts, companies, and organizations.

5. Sandeep Mehta.

In Delhi, Sandeep Shah is a popular SEO expert. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients from various backgrounds and sectors. He has over a five-year span of working expertise in the Search industry. Furthermore, his website comes up first in internet searches. Regarding his work as an SEO, he is quite open and honest. He is knowledgeable with both off-page and on-page SEO components.As a seasoned SEO specialist, he has complete control over attracting targeted visitors to a website. He is able to draw clients by having a thorough understanding of them and placing the websites above all others.

6. Romil Tripathi.

Romil Tripathi is the Top & Best SEO Consultant, Expert in Delhi, India. He is providing the best services with an emphasis on ROI. Additionally, he holds a Google certification. He has a complete understanding of how to do so and can provide business owners with advice, direction, and recommendations that are founded on in-depth knowledge of how to inspect and assess websites and all incoming connections. He has the ability to raise search engine ranks. He provides the best SEO services in Delhi. Romil Tripathi is a skilled SEO specialist in Delhi with over 11 years of experience in system engine optimization.

7. Jagdish Prajapat.

One of the top 5 SEO specialists in India is Jagdish Prajapat, who is headquartered in Delhi. In addition, he has a ton of expertise, and his diligence will yield outcomes you can count on. The fact that hiring Jagdish in Delhi would save you money on sponsored ads on Google and social media without sacrificing quality results is one of the primary advantages. As a Local SEO Expert, his primary duty is to investigate the competitors in the niche and determine where and how they are ranking. After achieving search engine optimization, he can rank any website on Google, and at this point, traffic to the portal starts to rise.

8. Varghese Manickathan.

Varghese is a Delhi-based SEO expert that offers SEO services all around the world. In addition to providing Google Ads (Pay per Click, or PPC) services, he holds a Google certification. Because he loves search engine optimization, he works as an SEO Specialist in Delhi and specializes in local SEO services. In order to give his clients the best SEO assistance at a cost they can afford, he works hard to supply search engine optimization services throughout a range of marketplaces. Within the given time range, he offers increased search engine exposure and traffic by utilizing approved SEO strategies. His goal as a Delhi SEO specialist is to increase search engine visibility at a fair price. My career and reputation as the best SEO Expert in Delhi have been built on the results I deliver for my clients.

9. Vivek Sharma.

Having mastered both search and native SEO, he is among Delhi’s best SEO experts. With a wealth of knowledge in this area, he aids his clients in expanding their businesses and reaching their goals. Furthermore, he possesses comprehensive knowledge of various social media platforms and popular engines of search. This helps him find the next great user acquisition channels for his clients’ websites and improve and optimize the advertising that provide results. My objective as one of the best SEO experts in India is to boost a brand’s success by creating new chances, coordinating across channels, and having a thorough understanding of the target audience.

10. Akshay G.

With a year of knowledge in the business, Akshay is a seasoned SEO consultant. He is extremely excited about the work he does and has worked for various businesses in his past. He is devoted to delivering outcomes on schedule and has the ability to oversee all website traffic. He is fully versed in the fundamentals of operating as an SEO specialist. In addition, he holds a Google certification, making him one of Delhi’s leading SEO specialists.

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