19 New SEO Techniques in 2023

19 NEW SEO Techniques For 2024

1. Discover Untapped Keywords on Reddit


Reddit is a great platform when it comes to keyword research because it has estimated 55.79 million daily active users. So, Utilizing the Search engine Reddit is a great way to get some new keyword ideas.

2. Optimize Your Site for Google RankBrain

3. Update, Upgrade, and Republish Old Blog Posts

4. Write Compelling Title and Description Tags

5. Find Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia

6. Copy Your Competitors Best Keywords

7. Optimize Your Content to Maximize Social Shares

8. Link Out to Authority Sites

9. Send Authority to Underperforming Pages

10. Increase Email Outreach Response Rates

11. Write Long YouTube Descriptions

12. Optimize Content For Semantic SEO

13. Embed Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags

14. Use Wikipedia for Keyword and Topic Ideas

15. Find Link Building Opportunities From “Best of” Lists

16. Publish Content With At Least 1,447 Words

17. Remember the “First Link Priority Rule”

18. Create Your Own Keywords

19. Use Creative Seed Keywords

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